The Rosewood Massacre
From Rumor To Fact

2 days/1 night

The motor coach trip to Rosewood, Florida, is to present the history of the Rosewood Massacre of 1923,  in an engaging and accurate way to an audience from a variety of backgrounds. The tour represent the people, events, and movements that have shaped the aftermath of the Rosewood Massacre. The tour guide combines scholastic integrity and documented family accounts. The Rosewood tour is unique, scenic and is devoted to the history of North Central Florida, Levy County.  These tours will depart from the Gainesville Visitors and Tourists Center. Each adult passenger will receive a map of North Central Florida and a schedule of bus stops. The first bus stop will be in Rosewood, at the home of John Wright, the store owner. This is the house that did not burn in the 1923 massacre. The group will walk into the woods to see the location of the railroad tracks and Mr. Wright’s store. They will see a steam engine similar to the train engine used to take the Rosewood survivors to Archer, Gainesville and Bryce Ville, Florida. This adventure will help one understand the impact of massacres on American culture and values. Bus tour participates will become aware of the 1994 Rosewood Hearings in Tallahassee, Florida, and the compensation from the State of Florida to the survivors and descendants. The last stop of these historic bus tours will be the Gainesville Train Depot. These tours end at the Gainesville Visitors and Tourists Center. The group will have lunch on the Gulf of Mexico, Cedar Key, Florida. Wear comfortable shoes, bring a hat, and don’t forget your camera.


More information to coming soon