The Carribean

Virgin Islands


The Caribbean has some of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world. It is a magical place of palm trees, white sand beaches, turquoise waters and sunshine. It’s blessed with a climate that consistently offers a much needed break for those stuck in the cold weather of the north.

Besides the warm white sand beaches, the Caribbean also has spectacular mountains to gaze upon or explore, rainforests full of wildlife, challenging golf courses, top- rated spas, great shopping, exciting waters sports, spectacular waterfalls, unique cuisines and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet!

Whether you are looking for the ultimate R&R getaway or you want a piece of the action, the Caribbean offers many options to meet your personal style.

You can explore the Caribbean islands on a luxurious cruise ship, rent a villa or stay at an all-inclusive resort on a magnificent beach.

We only sell, what we know. We specialize in Caribbean vacations and we will recommend a Caribbean vacation that fits your dreams, style and budget. The Caribbean islands are made of 25 independent countries and other territories. Below is a list for your review. Each island has its own unique culture. For more information regarding an individual island, please contact the agency’s travel advisor to assist you.


  1. Anguilla (Anguilla is a British overseas territory)
  2. Antigua and Barbuda
  3. Aruba (Aruba is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  4. Bahamas
  5. Barbados
  6. British Virgin Islands (BVI is a British overseas territory)
  7. Caribbean Netherlands (also known as the BES islands are the three special municipalities of the Netherlands that are located in the Caribbean Sea. Consist of the islands of Bonaire, Sint
  8. Eustatius, and Saba)
  9. Cayman Islands (British Overseas Territory)
  10. Cuba
  11. Curaçao (Constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  12. Dominica
  13. Dominican Republic
  14. Grenada
  15. Guadeloupe (France overseas territory)
  16. Haiti
  17. Jamaica
  18. Martinique (France overseas territory)
  19. Montserrat (British Overseas Territory)
  20. Puerto Rico (United States Territory)
  21. Saint Barthélemy (Overseas collectivity of France)
  22. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  23. Saint Lucia
  24. Saint Martin (France overseas territory)
  25. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  26. Saint Maarten (Saint Maarten is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  27. Trinidad and Tobago
  28. Turks and Caicos Islands (British Overseas Territory)
  29. United States Virgin Islands (United States Territory. Consist of the main islands of Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas)